About Us

EKOPETEK Packaging Systems, Paper Pallet, Paper Board and Packaging Production Support Unit was established to produce the paper. Our production is first started in Bursa, İzmir to meet the increasing demand has begun to manufacturing operations, sales and marketing and export activities in order to carry out the Izmir Karabakh Kısıkköy with the office - has been the logistics center operating in the Menderes.
We sell and Marketing, all used as raw material in the structure of the final product "Strength Paper Panel" product among similar products remains the first and only of its kind in Turkey. As the resistance of the structure of this product is very high, standard production from 500 kg to 1500 kg in our palette, our custom made pallets from 1500 kg to 2500 Kg allows the dynamic load carrying capacity. In addition, our paper panels, again as interior structure of the application, the advertising industry, furniture packaging, logistics is used in a wide range from the construction sector.
However, for economic reasons, is heavily involved in our portfolio preferred honeycomb panel product. In parallel, which is still useful model right belongs to us; SET PALETTE name we give the system created a new palette foot, 500 Kg. Paper Pallet production and replaced by economic type for lighter loads.
Again worldwide first and structurally separated from others with the distinction of being one, can be implemented in a very special nano-technological innovations in products and sano. In addition, our company is constantly renews itself on the paper, as a result of R & D work, made from paper and it sells, Strength of Paper and Honeycomb made from pallets, box, and separators, optionally, non-flammable and can make it waterproof.

Not flammable and waterproof

Our company, as a result of R & D efforts, made of paper and made the sale, resisted the paper and comb made of pallets, boxes and separators, optionally, non-flammable and can make it waterproof.